Daughters of Indian Ocean's Amit Kilam resurrect Kashmiri folk song 'Roshè'

Mumbai, Sep 10, 2021, IANS

Meyhaa and Kaira - daughters of Amit Kilam, the drummer and lyricist of the iconic music band Indian Ocean - are all set to resurrect the much loved Kashmiri folk song 'Roshè'. Amit has also lent his voice to the song.

The song was originally written by celebrated Kashmiri poet Habba Khatoon.

Filled with anger, wrath, passion and pain, 'Roshè' is minimal but invoking, soft but thought-provoking.

Talking about their passion for music, Meyhaa and Kaira shared, "Music was a natural progression for us and it's something we organically gravitated towards. We wanted to launch our channel with a song like 'Roshè' because it set new benchmarks in poetic meters. The song is filled with despair and longing, emotions that are difficult to emote vocally and that truly challenged us. We hope listeners enjoy it."

Interestingly, this special track will mark the launch of the talented duo's YouTube channel, where they hope to bring music aficionados songs that are close to their hearts.

Adding to that, Amit said, "It was special working on this track with Meyhaa and Kaira, who are both passionate about the craft and musically gifted. Honestly, it's a very proud moment for me as a father and 'Roshè' will always hold a special place in my heart."

The song releases on September 16 on Meyhaa Kaira Music's YouTube channel and all streaming platforms