Death of a student: THRC slams Kherengjuri JNV authority  

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Agartala, Nov 25, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura Human Rights Commission (THRC) took serious view on the indifferent and lackadaisical attitude of the authorities of Jawahar Novodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Kherengjuri at Dharmanagar in North Tripura.

One of the students of class IX of the JNV, Kherengjuri – Rudraksha Malakar - died allegedly due to ragging in the Vidyalaya. On the basis of a news item published in local daily on 21.03.2022, the Commission took cognizance and a case was initiated.

 According to après release, the Tripura Human Rights Commission (THRC) directed the DGP, Tripura, D.M, North Tripura and the JNV authorities, Kherengjuri to thoroughly inquire into the incident and submit report. The Commission also inquired into the matter through its own Investigation Wing led by a member of the Commission.

The THRC received reports from all concerned. After examining the reports and materials gathered during the inquiry/investigation, the Commission expressed the views that “ragging was in practice in the Jawahar Novodaya Vidyalaya (INV), Kheringjuri, Dhannanagar by the students of higher classes on the students of lower classes and no action was taken in terms of ‘The Tripura Educational Institutions (Prevention of Ragging ) Act, 1990’."

The Commission opined, “It was established that Rudraksha Malakar was subjected to merciless ragging along with other junior students by senior students on earlier occasions but the Vidyalaya authorities did not take any effective action to stop such ragging. However, sufficient evidence was not available during investigation and inquiry that Rudraksha Malakar died due to ragging”.

It also became clear to the Commission that incidents of clash/fight between the groups of students as a consequence of ragging happens in the Vidyalaya as well as hostel since long and effective measures were not taken by the authorities as required by law.

“The Vidyalaya authorities are therefore, required to remain very cautious and conscious about the menace of ragging which spoils the carrier of young generation. Almost all the State Legislatures of the country made laws to prevent ragging and some of the States made exhaustive laws in the matter. Our State law is applicable to all educational institutions situated in the State of Tripura including the private educational institutions. No one can plead the ignorance of law”, the Commission further noted.

The Commission in its order dated 01.11.2022 referred to two important judgements delivered by the Supreme Court.  

The Commission further observed that though the State Legislature has made "The Tripura Educational Institutions (Prevention of Ragging)" Act, 1990 to curb the menace of ragging but the law was never applied by the Vidyalaya authorities.

The Commission while issuing detail instructions including the guide lines and observations made by the Supreme Court in several cases of ragging, expressed the hope that the JNV authorities, Kherengjuri will follow all those instructions and guide lines in letter and spirit and will make sincere endevours to stop the menace of ragging in the JNV, Kherengjuri once for all.