Indian Voice Reaches Latin America, Europe through Radio Program

Agartala, Jul 31, 2020, ENEWSTIME Desk

Thousands of students, educators in India, people overseas in Latin America and Europe were reached through radio broadcast  during SIETIIE I & R (Save Indian Education Through Innovation in Indian Education, Innovation & Research Organisation) Radio Program. Radio Media made a formal announcement for SIETIIE I & R, reaching  a few hundred thousand  young listeners. SIETIIE I & R authority said in a press statement.

Through the media, the Radio Program covered states across the country indirectly.  By live streaming  policy dialogue on the SIETIIE I & R was able to reach audiences far and wide.  Educators from various institutions participated. It is said that SIETIIE Innovation and Research Organisation is going to be the first Institution in the entire country that has been heard by the entire nation alongside with Latin America, Europe, working on the Innovation of Global Education, and is willing to offer services in Latin America, and Europe.

Chairman Prabhakar Singh of the SIETIIE  I & R Institution also an International Academician broadcasted his Radio Program in Latin America on July 29, 2020 at 6:30 pm (18:30 hours) on Indian timezone, where he discussed on Indian  culture,  Indian  Sabbatical, and how to incorporate Indian crest on global scale,  which one could listen through the shared link on social media.

SIETIIE I & R's aim is to make Indian Schools Colleges,  and Universities competitive on the world stage. Chairman Prabhakar Singh said,  'I feel proud to be the National Convenor of SIETIIE  I & R, and with the aim of making SIETIIE I & R of Indian Institutions worldwide,  we look forward to perfection for the entire state,  and country.  I am quite sure that the letter I & R which consist of Professors,  Principals, Educationists,  and Vice Chancellors of all the states of the country together,  we are to fulfill the objective of self reliant India with due Respect to the Prime Minister SIETIIE I & R will prove to be a milestone in this direction.