Tripura News: Chakma bodies condemn Council of Tiprasa Hoda’s statement on intrusion

Agartala, Jul 25, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Leaders of various Chakma social organizations refuted and condemned the statement made by the Council of Tiprasa Hoda relating to alleged ‘large scale intrusion of Bangladeshi Chakma in Tripura’. Chakma leaders urged the Government to look into the matter of illegal infiltration in a non-communal manner.


In a recent press conference Council of Tiprasa Hoda also said that they wrote a letter to the Union Home Minister on this issue of illegal intrusion and demanded Minister’s intervention to check the intrusion to save the livelihood, religious tradition of local indigenous people.


Condemning the allegation, Chakma bodies including Tripura Chapter of Chakma National Council of India (CNCI), Chakma Buddhist Welfare Society (CBWS) and other such organizations held a press confenerance in Agartala on Monday.


They termed the allegation of Council of Tiprasa Hoda as unfortunate, unconstitutional, communal and anti-democratic  . In this contest, Chakma leaders also criticized reactions of several political parties.


Denying any large scale intrusion by Bangladeshi Chakma nations in Tripura, leaders cited population data and said, “According to census reports of Tripura, the population of Chakma community in Tripura was 4510 in 1901 which increased to 64,293 in 2001 and 79,813 in 2011 which is much less than the normal population growth rate. According to conventional theory, the population got doubled in every 25 years, if they would happen, Chakma population in Tripura would have been around 1.5 million”.


However, leaders ina written statement mentioned, “It is a fact that in neighbouring countries, State, even villages, people migrate from one country to another country, one State to another State and one village to another village. Tripura is no exception”.   


Mentioning the Chakma people are always peace loving and friendly, leaders said that intrusion is a sensitive matter and ‘cannot be specific to any community’. On this issue of infiltration, the Chakma leaders urged the Government to look into the issue of infiltration in a non-communal manner.