73-yr old mother makes fresh fish supply at doorstep possible

Jaydip Chakrabarti


Charm of going to markets every morning and buying fresh fishes seems to have vanished under pressure due to present-day hectic lifestyle. With the advent of technology, nano-families are fast getting habituated in home delivery of cooked foods, daily essentials and even medicines. But how can one get uncooked but processed Gura mach like Kachki –tongue-teaser small fishes. For modern-day families, small fishes are avoided due to tedious cutting, processing and cleaning procedures.  


Dumboor-fishIn the backdrop of such a scenario, a septuagenarian lady of a traditional Bengali family came out with a hi-tech based corporate idea. The 73 years old Radharani Debnath witnessed the the hardship of her married off daughters and started thinking about a plausible solution for such people so that they can get a supply of processed and PAN-ready fish without any hassle.

Her vision was crystal clear -  a customer would be able to place order sitting in his/her house and processed fish according to his/her order would reach at his place – and the customer would happily cook fish delicacies for his/her family.

After giving a good thought and discussing with her daughters, Radharani Debnath rolled out ‘Dumboor Freshness & Beyond’ service on January 1, 2020. Started with only three customers, the service is set to celebrate its first foundation day on Friday (Jan 1, 2021).


This facility is an app-based service, so one needs to visit markets. Customers can place an order through app or call at a number mentioned in the website. Also, they can choose either of online payment or cash on a delivery option from the app. The app/website displays a whole array of fishes including Rui, Katla, Hilsa and small fishes like Kachki, Moka, Koi, Pabda, Kucho Chingri etc. However, meat lovers need not be disappointed they too can order chicken, mutton through the app. While the service, at present, is limited to Agartala town area, the app has started supplying dry fish across the country.


“Initially we used to cater needs of three-four customers daily. But the number of customers increased significantly during Covid induced lockdown. As more people becoming aware of this service, we are finding new customers regularly”, said Radharani Debnath.


Detailing the functioning of ‘Dumboor Freshness & Beyond’app service, Radharani Debnath said customers can visit dumboor.com website and choose the fish that they want to buy. As we do not store fish, so we can supply the ordered fish only next day. We have a tie-up with several suppliers in all the major markets in Agartala. As per received orders, we procure fish early in the morning. Thereafter, we cut, clean and process the fish as per the order and we dispatch the fish to intended customers through delivery boys, Debnath said.


On prices of fish, she said, “Yes, our prices slightly differ with market prices as we add cutting and processing charges. However, customers still gain as our services save time and cost of travelling to markets”.


One of the regular customers of Dumboor Freshness & Beyond, Krishna Pal, a health worker rated the service as a high-quality service. “I often buy Kachki mach using Dumboor’s app and I never found anything mixed – it’s so clean, always. I just unpack and start cooking”, Pal said.

Krishna Pal also said that prices of the supplied fish are not unusually high and justified. Before ending she whispered, nowadays her elder son, Neel Pal eats Hilsa only if ordered online from Dumboor.         


This unique online-based fresh fish delivery is gaining momentum and steadily improving its market presence. From three, our client base increased to 47-48 per day, at present. Moreover, with the introduction of dry fish supply, we are receiving more business, Radharani Debnath asserted.


“The motherly instinct of Radharani Debnath which transformed into online fish supply business is truly unique and relevant during the neo-normal period”, a senior doctor of Banamalipur commented on condition anonymity.  The doctor is one of many satisfied customers of the initiative. 


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