Children love Peaceful World

* Trapa Choudhury



Happy Children’s Day!


Children-love-peaceWorld celebrates International Children day on 20th November as in 1959, the UN general Assembly adopted the declaration of the Rights to Child in this day. 



Every Child has quality inside them. We need little attention. If we get some opportunity, we will definitely succeed and bloom like a flower. We, children, are born nature lover.


We love to play with mud and water. We love to play with kids of animals. We are not afraid of them but we feel their pain and take care of them from heart. 


As a seed holds whole tree, we the children hold the whole nation, world and universe.


We need proper education and guidance, healthy mental support with love and care to build a peaceful world and universe.


Be happy like an innocent child and always have a beaming smile. 



The children attract a little attention

To reach our every goals and passion.

We do our work with cute emotions,

We all are free of tension.


All the fear of our mind we throw

To touch the stars we want to grow,

The thoughts of our minds are never low,

All the brightness of the dark to show.


We are excited to experiment what we know

And wants to explore the dorm and strength

Like a Volcano!!


In our mind, we have a strong will power,

To build our planet better in



* Trapa Choudhury (9), Class-IV, St. Paul’s School, Tripura and Child Peace Ambassador, Global Peace Let’s Talk, London, UK.