'If you can't take care of the earth, you can't take care of yourself'

Trapa Choudhury*


Trapa-earth-climate-changeWe have found our mother earth after a very long period.  This is a very peaceful place and only planet where life can exist. We should take care of it, it is our responsibility.


The earth changed its climate from fire-hot to ice-cold and it became pleasant climate. The earth had undergone different phases for changing itself into pleasant place, so that we can stay peacefully.


As time went, we became modern and do those things which are not healthy for us and our earth.


But now we are using too much of non-renewable energy for making our life comfortable which are very harmful for the climate as well as for the creatures on the earth.


As the climate is changing it is becoming less suitable for us.


As the earth was like fireball when it was formed and again excessive use of non-renewable energy it will extinct in the form of fire. Instead of using too much of non-renewable energy, we can look for alternatives.


If we don’t want to lose our planet we should take care of it. We can plant more trees so that our earth can be fresh. For a better future, let us save the world.



Global Worming occurs mainly because of air pollution and CO2. It causes greenhouse effect in the atmosphere which absorbs more sunlight and earth became more wormer.


Antarctica loses about 149 billion metric ton ice per year since 2002. Only forest can save us from this troublesome. Global warming is dangerous for Small Islands or big ocean and rivers.


Because of the extreme heat, snow is melting and water level of water bodies are increasing. If this happened the small island will submerge under the ocean.


We don’t realise that we are damaging the planet. If we don’t want to lose it, we have to take care of it. 


Save Your Planet,

Save your future,

Save your life.


* Trapa Choudhury (9) is Child Climate Ambassador, felicitated by ISSER at Indonesia.