braving Cold wave, people taken holy dip on Sankranti

ProMASS: Jan 14, 2017: Amidst cold wave, people of India is celebrating with gaiety and pomp. The Harvest season is on and festivities have gripped the nation from the north to down south. The festival of is being celebrated today when the Sun enters the Makar zodiac and the days begin to lengthen compared to nights.
Worshipping the Sun, charity and taking a dip in rivers have a special significance on this day.

Devotees started taking holy dip at Gangasagar in West Bengal since 2.50AM today. Lakhs of devotees have assembled there. Administration has taken up several steps to ensure safety of the devotees and emphasized on providing possible all the services. Sources said, total 40 ambulances have been stationed at Gangasagar to handle medical emergencies.

Devotees are also taking a holy dip in Varanasi. The famed Ganga Sagar Mela began today with people taking a holy dip there. Ganga Sagar is the place where river Ganga meets the sea in the Sundarbans in West Bengal.

In South India and particularly in Tamil Nadu, it’s the festival of Pongal which is being celebrated over 4 days at harvest time.

Pongal day is considered very auspicious and there are different rituals associated with it varying from region to region.

In Assam and many parts of the North East, the festival of Bhogali Bihu is celebrated. It sees the first harvest of the season being offered to the gods along with prayers for peace and prosperity. In Tripura, people today started celebrating the Sankranti after burning ‘Burir Ghar’ and thereafter taking acdip in the early dawn. Delicious foods – pitha puli of various tastes- are integral part of the celebration.

People in Assam celebrate this festival wearing colourful and bright clothes. People also make sesame and coconut sweets at home and share with each-other.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today extended greetings to everyone celebrating various auspicious festivals.

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