PM Pays tribute to Cho Ramaswamy

ProMASS Jan 14, 2017: Addressing the 47th anniversary of Thuglak magazine organized in Chennai through video conferencing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that there is a need to build bridges between people, communities and societies. PM Modi said, humour builds bridges instead of breaking them and it is what exactly is required today and added, humour is the best healer and the power of a smile is more than the power of abuse or any other weapon.

Paying his tributes to Cho Ramasamy the editor of Thuglak, who passed away recently, PM Modi said, with the passing away of Cho, the country has lost a person who offered his invaluable wisdom to whoever came his way. He said, Cho’s greatest achievement is that he made Thuglak a weapon against all divisive forces. He said, for 47 years Thuglak magazine played a stellar role in the cause of safeguarding democratic values and national interest. He said, Cho’s satire made his criticism loveable even to those he criticized. He said, Thuglak was a platform for all and the nation was his central message.

He extended his greetings on the various festivals being celebrated across India today and said, festivals are celebrations of life and the festivals bring a spirit of togetherness. He also said, some of the festivals being celebrated today are harvest festivals and hoped these festivals bring prosperity and joy in the lives of the farmers, who work hard to keep the nation fed.

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