Ceiling on withdrawal from ATMs raised to Rs 10,000 per day

ProMASS: Jan 16, 2017: Cap on maximum amount of cash withdrawal from ATMs relaxed and raised to Rs 10,000. However, overall per week withdrawal limit remains unchanged.

Sources said, the Reserve Bank of India has raised the daily Cash withdrawal limit of Rs 4500 from ATMs to Rs 10,000 per card with immediate effect. However, the overall withdrawal limit from saving accounts will remain unchanged at Rs 24,000 per week.

Similarly, the limit on withdrawal from current accounts has also been increased from Rs 50,000 per week to Rs one lakh. It extends to overdraft and cash credit accounts also.

In its notification, the said, the ceilings were raised following review of the current withdrawal limits. Earlier, the had raised the withdrawal limit from Rs 2500 to Rs 4500 form 1st of this month.

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