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Chakhesang Nagas celebrating Sükrünye festival with pomp and gaiety

Photo Courtesy: The Morung Express

ProMASS: Jan 15, 2017: Richness of ethin cultural traditions once again enthralled people as the Chakhesang Nagas are celebrating their premier Sükrünye festival with great pomp and traditional gaiety. In the State capital Kohima, thousands from the Chakhesang community clad in traditional attires converged at the Local ground yesterday to celebrate Sükrünye.

Speaking on the occasion, Kohima Chakesang Hoho President Theja Therieh said the Chakesangs as a people have traveled from the time of their forefathers who had worshiped the unknown spirit to the present day where the God we know is worshiped. Referring to drastic changes in the human civilization, Theja said, despite the great transformation that took place in the civilization, the people still hold on to their rich culture and tradition.

Extending greetings and appealing for peace among diverse groups, Kohima Village Council chairman Medoselhou Keretsü called upon the gathering to maintain and enrich the circle of brotherhood between the Angamis and Chakhesangs. Sumi Hoho Kohima president Dr. Vinito Chishi said Chakhesang, Sumi and Angami are three brothers, with Angami as the eldest, Chakhesang the second and Sumi the youngest. Chakhesang Public Organization president Kekhwengulo Lea urged the Chakhesang community to continue to maintain trustworthy and integrity that Chakhesang are known for. Ex-minister Z. Lohe dwelt on the significance of Sükrünye.

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