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True culture lies in imbibing the good cultural values: N’land Speaker

Photo Courtesy: NCW::North East Cell

ProMASS: DEC09,2016 :   Nagaland Legislative Assembly Speaker, Chotisuh Sazo said culture is not only putting on traditional dresses and singing folk songs and dance. Speaking at the 33rd session of the Thipuzu Village Youth Sports Association cum Cultural Day on Wednesday, Sazo said true culture lies in imbibing the good cultural values and traits. He urged the youth to be vigilant in preservation of our good cultural values. Sazo reminded the youth that every sportsperson have defining characteristic such as commitment, sincerity and dedication. Stating that every sportsperson who have excelled have nurtured these qualities, he urged the youth to imbibe these qualities to become good sports person. Sazo also stressed on the good cultural values such as honesty, integrity and hard work that we have inherited from forefathers.




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