English tutorial: Past Continuous Tense

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February 27, 2018: Tense is an intriguing issue in learning English, only practice can help a learner in mastering Tense related issues.  Take a recap on Present Continuous Tense , click on the link if you have missed the tutorial. Here we go for a brief tutorial on  tense.

In this discussions will focus on Past Continuous tense. The simple formula to construct a sentence in this case is to use past form of Auxiliary verbs and adding ”ing” with the verb.

Past continuous statements indicate i) An action or event which takes place in the past and overlaps another action or a time. Importantly, the action in the past continuous starts before commencement of another event or action. Example: I was eating food when I got call from her.

(In this case, I started eating food before got a call. I may resume eating after getting the call.)

Similarly, She was sitting at her desk when I went upstairs.

Past Continuous statements are also used to indicate ii) Habits/actions that started and finished in the past and does not happen now.

Example: He was always leaving his shoes in the shelf. Sonali was constantly persisting for a mobile.

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