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January 19, 2018:

Tense is something which is the most intriguing as well as puzzling for English language learners. However, if one studies seriously, tense will pose no tension to learners. Simply said, there are types of tenses – Present, Past and Future tense. Moreover, each tense has four sub-categories. In this English tutorial, tense is discussed briefly.

Present Continuous is one of the four sub-categories under Present tense. Present Continuous tense – as the name indicates – is used to express an action which is taking place now or continuing. For this type of tense, “ing” is added with the verb.

A thumb rule for Present Continuous Tense is :

“Subject + Aux + verb (ing form)”

I am drinking water now.

(In the above case, Subject is ‘I’, Auxiliary verb is ‘am’ and verb is ‘study’ (with ‘ing’ form)


You are studying English. You are not listening to my advice.

He is going to school. He is not sleeping now.

They are playing football. They are not buying cakes.

There are also Past Continuous and Future Continuous tenses which will be covered in successive   

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