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When ‘small’ is ‘lucky’ : A juicy tale of self reliance

A view of Horticulture plantation. Photo: Tapas Majumder

In early years, he stressed on sapling production, but with time, focus changed to producing multiple fruits. Also he is planning to start veggie cultivation

*Tapas Majumder

Agartala, June 12, 2020:

At a time when people are rat racing to obtain a Government job, Sirazul Islam decided to chart out his path differently. Sirazul of Baishnabachar under Gomati district in is a -farmer. It was in 2008, Sirazul Islam set up a ‘Lucky Small Nursery’ in his sprawling 18 kani land. Soon, his ‘Small Nursery’ proved ‘Lucky’ for him.

“After completion of Higher Secondary level education, I realized that getting a government job was a tough proposition. So I decided to go for cultivation and planned meticulously to optimize my earnings”, Sizarul said. In fact, his diligence coupled with intelligent planning about expanding scope of cultivation paid him rich dividend even during hard times.

Instead of banking on single or few crops, Sirazul focused on sapling production as well as cultivating multiple horti-crops. His dream plantation includes , Lichi, Lemon, Orange, Grape, and other fruits.

“In the early years after setting up my own nursery, I would stress on sapling production as Government would buy lot of of different types. This also gave me good income at the initial level. Along with, sapling production, I also started cultivating different varieties of fruits”, Sirazul commented.

His strategy to focus on both saplings and fruit cultivation proved perfect as State Government after procuring large number of saplings in regular intervals, has drastically reduced purchase.

However, as he was not solely dependent on saplings, Sirazul earned good income by selling fruits of different varieties and species.

“In my garden, multiple species of mango are available. You will get, Golapkhasha, Keshari bhog, Himsagar, Malaysian, Tutapuri, Gopalbhog and few other varieties in my garden”, Sirazul said and added, most of these varieties of mango come from other States.

Sirazul in his ‘dream’ garden. Photo: Tapas Majumder

“I supply these popular varieties of mango in local markets – this has reduced dependence on supply from other States”, he commented. Despite induced situation in the State, he is expecting to sell 10 ton mangoes of different varieties in local markets in different States.

With changing time and people’s demand, Sirazul is constantly planning and harnessing his capabilities ensuring sustainability. Talking about his future plans, Sizarul said that he would start vegetable cultivation.

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