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33 Kuki militants killed in encounters with security forces since May 3: Manipur CM

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh announced on Sunday that a total of 33 individuals affiliated with Kuki militant outfits have been killed in a series of encounters with security forces since May 3. 


The clashes come in response to the outbreak of ethnic violence in Manipur, with Kuki militants allegedly targeting civilians in various districts. 


Following a meeting with Army Chief General Manoj Pande, the Chief Minister revealed that extensive combing operations have been initiated by security forces in multiple districts to counter the activities of the Kuki militants. 


The militants have been utilizing sophisticated weaponry against the civilian population, prompting the security forces to undertake retaliatory and defensive measures resulting in the deaths of 33 militants. Additionally, a few militants have been apprehended by the security forces.


Manipur-CM-Kuki-militantsExpressing strong condemnation for the attacks on unarmed civilians, particularly in the peripheral areas of the valley districts, the Chief Minister emphasized the government's firm stance against such acts. 


Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, the residence of BJP MLA K. Raghumani Singh was vandalized and two of his vehicles were set ablaze by an angry mob in Imphal West district. 


The mob, demanding action against the Kuki armed groups and militants, targeted the legislator's house while seeking stern measures against the perpetrators.


During the media briefing, the Chief Minister addressed the recent surge in violent attacks on civilian residences in the peripheral areas of the valley, which appeared to be well-planned and executed simultaneously. 


He strongly condemned these actions, particularly considering the presence of Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai in the state and the ongoing formation of peace missions aimed at restoring tranquillity. 


The Chief Minister characterized those attempting to disrupt peaceful coexistence and the unity of the 34 communities residing in Manipur as enemies of the state. He reassured the public that the government is prepared to confront any challenges posed by such elements.


Emphasizing the importance of state unity and integrity, the Chief Minister appealed to all 34 communities to maintain faith and trust in the government. He asserted that the government is committed to preventing the disintegration of Manipur, safeguarding its integrity, and eradicating armed terrorists from the state. 


The Chief Minister further affirmed that the government is equipped with well-trained forces capable of tackling threats to the state's territorial integrity, as well as attacks on the life and property of its people.


Recent demands for a separate state for Kuki tribals, led by ten MLAs (including seven BJP legislators), have further complicated the situation. 


The Chief Minister described the conflict as a battle between armed terrorists seeking to divide Manipur and the state government supported by the central authorities. 


To address the prevailing challenges, the identification of 38 vulnerable areas has been followed by the identification of additional vulnerable areas, prompting the state police to conduct operations.


On Sunday, multiple incidents of gunfire exchanges between security forces and armed groups were reported in several districts including Churachandpur, Kakching, Imphal East, and Imphal West. 


As a result, both Manipur Police commandos and unidentified armed group members sustained injuries, necessitating their immediate transfer to hospitals. 


The specific identities of the armed groups involved in these clashes have yet to be ascertained. (Edited)

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