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himachal crisis speaker disqualifies 6 rebel congress mlas for defying whip

Himachal crisis: Speaker disqualifies 6 rebel Congress MLAs for defying whip

  • IANS | 29 Feb 2024 | National

To save the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh, Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania on Thursday declared that the six rebel l

why didnt ed arrest him west bengal police ask justify late arrest of sheikh shahjahan

Why didn't ED arrest him? West Bengal Police ask, justify late arrest of Sheikh Shahjahan

  • IANS | 29 Feb 2024 | National

A senior official of the West Bengal Police, on Thursday morning, justified the arrest of Trinamool Congress leader Sheikh S

International News

yoon suk yeol and mark zuckerberg discuss ai and xr collaboration

Yoon Suk Yeol and Mark Zuckerberg discuss AI and XR collaboration

  • IANS | 29 Feb 2024 | International

South Korean President and Meta Platforms CEO, Mark Zuckerberg discussed ways to expand cooperation in the Artificial Intelli

maldives opposition leader denies india backed his appointment slams lies about indian troops

Maldives Opposition leader denies India backed his appointment, slams 'lies' about Indian troops

  • IANS | 26 Feb 2024 | International

Maldives' main opposition leader Abdulla Shahid has denied allegations that India backed his recent appointment as the presid

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ben stokes pitch at ranchi is unique and unpredictable

Ben Stokes: Pitch at Ranchi is unique and unpredictable

  • IANS | 22 Feb 2024 | Sports

Ben Stokes believes the pitch being prepared for the fourth Test against India is something which he hasn’t been before and h

manisha doubles up as india beat estonia in thrilling 4-3 encounter in turkish womens cup

Manisha doubles up as India beat Estonia in thrilling 4-3 encounter in Turkish Women's Cup

  • IANS | 21 Feb 2024 | Sports

India withstood firmly a late charge by Estonia to pick up a hard-fought 4-3 win in the Turkish Women’s Cup. The teams were l

Entertainment News

tiffany haddish speaks out on her decision to visit israel despite ongoing conflict

Tiffany Haddish speaks out on her decision to visit Israel despite ongoing conflict

  • IANS | 22 Feb 2024 | Entertainment

Actress-comedian Tiffany Haddish has defended her travel to Israel amid ongoing conflict in Gaza after landing in hot water.

political war trailer explodes online promises gripping story

'Political War' trailer explodes Online, promises gripping story

  • IANS | 21 Feb 2024 | Entertainment

The upcoming film ‘Political War’, helmed by Mukesh Modi, has been creating a huge buzz as the film’s trailer has gone viral,

Business News

make in india push  indian mid-market businesses bullish on economy despite global headwinds

Make in India push : Indian mid-market businesses bullish on Economy despite global headwinds

  • IANS | 29 Feb 2024 | Business

Driven by initiatives such as 'Make in India', ease of doing business and ongoing digital transformation, 80 per cent of Indi

human touch still key in decision making despite ai preference  report

Human touch still key in decision making despite AI preference : Report

  • IANS | 22 Feb 2024 | Business

about 57 per cent of Indian consumers said they would choose an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tool or service over hum

Health News

hope for millions australian study points to future of severe asthma therapy

Hope for millions: Australian study points to future of severe Asthma therapy

  • IANS | 26 Feb 2024 | Health

Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in treating severe cases of asthma. researchers found that beta common cytoki

protein power punch study reveals too much may hurt your heart

Protein power punch? Study reveals too much may hurt your heart

  • IANS | 20 Feb 2024 | Health

US researchers have discovered a molecular mechanism by which excessive dietary protein could increase atherosclerosis risk.