Anti-encroachment drive in Agartala: Structures under Tripura Vendor Act protected, says Mayor

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Agartala , Sep 30, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

In an attempt to ensure seamless traffic movement, a demolition drive was carried out in Agartala on Saturday against illegal encroachment.

However legally set up street vendors' stalls were not affected.

The anti-encroachment squad of Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) conducted the drive and it was led by Additional Commissioner Muhammad Sajjad P,.

During the initiative, illegally constructed shops and stalls on public property were demolished in the City. 

This operation was conducted under the guidance of AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder, with the support of the police and security personnel. 

The focus of this initiative was to clear pedestrian areas in the Battala Mahadev Bari – Dashamighat Road and Ambedkar School area.

Speaking about the initiative, Mayor of the AMC, Dipak Majumder explained that the purpose of this action was to enhance the cleanliness of the city and ensure smooth traffic flow for the public. 

He stated that all roads and sidewalks should be free from unlawful encroachments, whether temporary or permanent structures, as this obstructs the movement of people and affect smooth vehicular movement also.

Furthermore, the Mayor stressed that all stalls and shops obstructing pedestrian pathways over covered drains would be removed to ensure free footpaths.

Only those with valid vendor licenses and those operating within designated vendor zones would be permitted to run their shops or stalls.

Mayor Majumder emphasized that the government and AMC support businesses, acknowledging that many families depend on small businesses like tea stalls and fast-food shops. 

However, the objective of this drive was to remove illegal encroachments that impeded traffic flow. 

He clarified that the operation did not target street vendors, who are protected under the Tripura Street Vendors Act and have designated areas for their businesses. 

Talking about restrictions imposed by the AMC on fast food stalls, the Mayor said restrictions on fast-food shops operating past 11:00 pm became necessary to address issues related to drug abuse.

Notably, Agartala City is experiencing serious traffic jams in most 9f the city roads. Illegal encroachment is observed to be one of the prime reasons.

The Mator mentioned that the government, AMC, and the traffic department were committed to making the city more aesthetically pleasing and relieving traffic congestion in the city.