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Assam CM Highlights 'Communal' Voting Patterns in Congress's Lok Sabha Success

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday termed the politics of Congress as “communal” following the Lok Sabha poll results, adding that the voting pattern has hinted about a "bad signal" for the society.

“In the Nagaon Lok Sabha seat, the BJP took a lead in all assembly segments except four Muslim-dominated constituencies — Lahorighat, Dhing, Rupahi and Samaguri. These four assembly segments made the Congress candidate win in the Nagaon Lok Sabha seat,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that the same thing happened in the Guwahati Lok Sabha.




“The Congress candidate in Guwahati parliamentary constituency received around four lakh votes but the major chunk of these votes came from minority-dominated areas like Goroimari, Topamari etc. in north Kamrup locality. In the Dolgaon assembly segment, Congress took the lead by 1,80,000 votes while in Hindu majority areas, they hardly got 10-12 thousand votes,” the Chief Minister said.


The Chief Minister also talked about the Dhubri Lok Sabha seat where the Congress candidate Rakibul Hussain won by a whopping margin of more than 10 lakh votes.

“Rakibul Hussain has won the Dhubri seat by a huge margin and generally no candidate can win any seat with such a difference of votes. The result may have brought good news for Hussain; however, it is a bad signal for the society,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that the indigenous populations in Lower and Central Assam will face a “threat” which needs to be countered.

He added that even Badruddin Ajmal could have never won the Dhubri Lok Sabha seat by a margin of more than 10 lakh votes and this uphill task was made possible by the Congress due to its “communal” politics.

Notably, Congress won the two minority-dominated constituencies Nagaon and Dhubri in Assam.

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