Barsha Production presents Sei Kalodin

Agartala , Feb 17, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

#Bindusmita Bhowmik 

Barsha Production, a Film production team of Tripura, has come up with an important message through a short film.

On the evening of February 16 - after the Valentine week end - a short film ‘Sei Kalodin’ was released on Youtube as well as facebook page of Brasha Production to keep the individual and community healthy and safe.

A short film, ‘’Sei Kalodin’’ marking the present situation since 2019 covid pandemic was released on February 16. 

The short film leaves a strong message for the viewers that taking corona or its variants lightly can invite danger for the individuals, our family members and the community, the production team said. 

According to the actors, the film sends a message that rather than arguing over whether its waves are stronger or weaker, it is pertinent to focus on precautions. Identifying corona as fake or staged is not a solution but believing that the present situation is intense and necessary precaution is a necessity, will be an act of a responsible person. 

The production team argues that one should make sure of using masks and sanitizer as well should get complete vaccination - the film highlight important messages in the form of a drama.

Actors Sourajit Acharjee, Pranab Kr Nath, Abir Acharjee, Satirtha Debnath, Gopal Baishnab performed brilliantly  to grab the attention of the viewers. 

The short film was directed by Biswajit Das - also the Director of the Proudction House. Its music has been composed by Arijit Sanyal and Makeup artist is Sudeshrina Mallik. The Editing and VFX have been done by the director.

Managing Director Pranab Kr Nath while speaking to media person said ‘it is an attempt of converting the pandemic to endemic’ by leaving s strong message for people to stay safe and stand together in the fight against the evil virus. 

Nath also said even as it is a short film, the message is loud and clear.

He also pointed out the film is available free of cost without any premium payment in youtube.  

The production team is really happy with the response of the viewers, Nath commented. 

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