BJP commemorates PM Modi's achievements with extensive month-long program

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Agartala, May 26, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's exceptional leadership has propelled India towards remarkable progress and global recognition. To commemorate his nine years of service as the country's Prime Minister, a month-long program has been initiated by the ruling party in Tripura.

Tripura Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is celebrating Prime Minister Modi's consecutive terms in office in 2024 and 2029, acknowledging his immense contribution to the nation. As part of this, Karyakarini Baithak was held in all the Mandals across the State on Friday (May 26).

During the "Karyakarini Baithak" held at Bani Vidyapeeth School premises in Agartala today, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha highlighted and hailed Prime Minister Modi's achievements. Dr. Saha emphasized that this particular gathering was distinctive as it focused on the month-long program dedicated to commemorating the successful nine-year tenure of Prime Minister Modi, rather than discussing organizational matters.

In an interaction with the press, Dr. Saha stated that BJP members at various levels would visit every household and present a comprehensive report card detailing the Prime Minister's accomplishments during his nine-year term. This initiative aims to strengthen the Prime Minister's position by effectively disseminating his ideology and achievements among the people.

The program holds special significance as it coincides with May 30, the completion of nine years of Prime Minister Modi's tenure. BJP volunteers, with great determination, are actively working to bolster the Prime Minister's influence and expand his ideology among the masses.

Simultaneously, "Karyakarini Baithak" gatherings were organized across all 60 mandals on Friday, fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm and dedication. The meeting held at 8 no. Town Bordowali Mandal in Agartala witnessed the presence of notable figures such as AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder, State BJP General Secretary Papiya Dutta, and other prominent leaders from the 8 Town Bordowali assembly constituency.


Chief Whip of the State Assembly Kalyani Roy attended the Karyakarini Baithak at Teliamura. Prominent leaders of the State BJP took part in the event today across the State.

“The month-long program initiated by the BJP serves as a platform for reflecting upon the transformative leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, Party leaders said.

By reaching out to every household and presenting a comprehensive report card of the Prime Minister's achievements, the BJP aims to further strengthen his influence and connect with the people of India.

State level leaders of the Party opined, the events held across various Mandals highlighted the party's dedication and commitment to upholding the vision and accomplishments of Prime Minister Modi, underscoring his impactful tenure as the country's leader.

Besides, with the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls in 2024, the Karyakarini Baithak is providing a platform to revamp and enhance the strength of the grass root level organization. There are two seats in the Lok Sabha in Tripura. In the 2019 elections, both the seats went to the BJP. One of the MP, Pratima Bhowmik who represent the Tripura West LS seat, later became the Minister of State for Social Justice and empowerment. Rebati Tripura won the LS East seat which is reserved for the ST.