Broad consensus at G20 on research, collaboration

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Amritsar, Mar 17, 2023, IANS

G20 platforms must create new relations beyond bilateral and think multilaterally, said G20 Education Working Group's (EdWG) Indian chair K. Sanjay Murthy on Friday in his closing remarks, highlighting the importance of community's involvement in student education and urgency of greater collaboration and partnership.

The three-day deliberations held in this Punjab city focussed on strengthening research and promoting innovation through richer collaborations.

"India aims to take the documentation of this Education Working Group meetings to all higher education institutions to ensure that best practices are implemented at the administrative level and the final compendium brings a great impact on all institutions," Murthy, the Secretary for Higher Education, said.

Addressing the media after the meeting that saw 58 delegates from 28 member and invitee countries and international organizations, he said: "We have high hopes for faster collaboration across higher education institutions to create workable solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals."

"Every participating nation in the discussion forum is on the same page for leveraging technology and a joyful approach for achieving foundational learning and numeracy."

He highlighted the Ministry of Education's initiative 'Jaadui Pitara' or 'Magic Collection', a play-based teaching and learning material.

Thanking the Punjab government for its hospitality and support in organising the summit, he said: "Yahan se Punjab ki khushboo poore vishwa main jayegi" (This will help to permeate the fragrance of Punjab in the entire world)."

Delegates also visited the Golden Temple as part of the excursion component of the meeting on the concluding day.

A mini-exhibition was also set up, showcasing handicrafts and cultural elements of Punjab at the meeting venue for the delegates.

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, designer Paramjit Kaur, woodwork artist Amritpal Singh, artist Manohar Lal and the Ajeevika Self-Help Group were some of the participants. As a token of appreciation, delegates were given a handcrafted 'phulkaari' shawl from Punjab and authentic tea.

The event included a seminar and a multimedia exhibition at the historic venue of Khalsa College.

The seminar highlighted India's opportunity to establish itself as a leader in research and innovation globally. It also discussed the role of various stakeholders in promoting research on emerging innovations, their impact on education systems, and society.

The exhibition witnessed a footfall of approximately 2,500 students from 10 schools in and around Amritsar.

The event was successful in highlighting Punjab's vibrant culture through various cultural events planned on the sidelines of the G20 meetings.

The outcomes of the four EdWG meetings will be essential to draft the final declaration document to be shared at the concluding Ministerial Meeting.