Clash over tube well installation in Tripura leaves 8 injured, Police arrest 3

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Agartala, Nov 21, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Violent clashes erupted over a tube well installation at Kalynapur in Tripura on Monday (Nov 21) in which at least eight persons including women were wounded – injury of one of them was stated to be critical. Police arrested three persons in connection with clash.


Chaos started at Shanti Nagar village under Durgapur Panchayat in Kalyanpur relating to installation of a tube well a particular land. Chaos soon snowballed into full-fledged clash between two groups of Raj Banshi community.  


Armed with sticks and bicycle chains, one group of people attacked the other group of the same community. In the attack, Ratan Tanti, Kanu Tanti, Sadhan Tanti, Benu Tanti, Ratna Tanti Das, Anup Tanti, Bhavani Tanti, Anita Tanti – total eight persons were injured.


Local people and Police rushed to the site and took the injured persons to Kalyanpur Hospital. As the condition of Kanu Tanti was serious, he was referred to GBP Hospital Agartala.


Even as no one lodged any complaints till the report was filed, Police arrested three persons for their involvement in the incident. The arrested persons are Shyamal Tanti, Nirmal Tanti, and Litton Tanti.


Police said that if a written complaint is made by any party, specific cases will be investigated. Meantime, normalcy in the area is crawling back to normalcy, local sources said.