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Crafting a better future: PM Modi launches 'PM Vishwakarma' for artisans

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched the 'PM Vishwakarma' scheme and emphasised that in future, technology, tools and  training will be essential.

"In the near future, training, technology and tools will be very essential. Under 'PM Vishwakarma' scheme, government has focussed on providing special training to the Vishwakarma partners and Rs 500 will be provided to you while the training is underway. You will also get a Toolkit voucher worth Rs 1,500. Government will also help you in branding, packaging and marketing the products you make. In return, the Government wants you to purchase toolkits from shops that are GST registered only."

Modi, who also inaugurated the international exhibition centre 'Yashobhoomi' at Dwarka in the national capital, further said, "Today the nation has got the International Exhibition Centre Yashobhoomi. The kind of work is done here, it displays the penances of my Vishwakarma brothers. I declare this centre to every Vishwakarma of the nation. This is going to be helpful to the Vishwakarmas. This will be a vibrant centre to make Indian art and handicrafts reach the global level. This will play a huge role in making local products global... The way the spine is essential in our body, our Vishwakarmas are essential for society. Everyday life is unimaginable without them."

He added that "Today, it is the need of the hour to recognise our Vishwakarma partners and support them in every possible way. Our government is working for the development of our Vishwakarma partners. Under this scheme, Vishwakarma partners working under 18 different sectors will be focussed. The government is going to spend Rs 13,000 crores on the PM Vishwakarma' scheme."

On the Vishwakarma scheme, he said, "Today is Vishwakarma Jayanti. This day is dedicated to the artisans and craftspersons of the country. I want to extend my wishes to the people of the country, on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti. I am happy that today, I got the opportunity to join our Vishwakarma members. 'PM Vishwakarma' scheme has been launched today which will emerge as a ray of hope for artists and craftspersons."

"Under the scheme, the government will provide up to Rs 3 lakhs loan without any (bank) guarantee. It has also been ensured that the interest rate is also very low. Govt has decided that Rs 1 lakh loan will be given in the beginning and when it is repaid, govt will provide additional Rs 2 lakhs loan to the Vishwakarma partners," he informed.

On the convention centre, Modi said, "Conference tourism is rising in the world which has unlimited possibilities for India. The conference tourism industry is worth more than Rs 25 lakh crores in the world. Every year in the world, more than 32,000 big exhibitions and expo take place. Countries with a population of 2-5 crores also arrange it, our population is 140 crores. People coming for conference tourism spend more money than usual tourists... India's participation is only 1 per cent in this industry. Today's new India is preparing itself for conference tourism. Adventure, medical, spiritual and heritage tourism happen only where there is a necessary environment. Similarly, Conference tourism will also take place where there are facilities for events and meetings. Bharat Mandapam and Yashobhoomi will make Delhi the biggest hub of conference tourism."

Commerce minister Piyush Goyal and finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman were also present on the occasion.

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