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Creation of IPR Facilitation Centre at District Level is important in Tripura : Experts suggested

In North East India, many creators, especially those from indigenous communities known for handicrafts and textiles, might not be aware of Intestinal property Rights (IPR) protection available for their works. This can lead to exploitation and misappropriation of their creativity.

Even if IPR is registered, enforcing it can be difficult due to resource constraints and lack of specialized courts. This can discourage creators from seeking protection.

Similarly, Tripura has a rich heritage of traditional knowledge associated with its indigenous communities.  There might be a lack of awareness on how to protect such knowledge within the IPR framework.

Under this back drop, DPIIT IPR Chair at National Law University Judicial Academy, (NLUJA), Guwahati In collaboration with NETRA Foundation an Outreach program on Intellectual Property Right and the facilitation camp was organized on 30 March 2024 at Agartala Press Club , Tripura.

Total 35 students from Tripura University, ICFAY University and National Law University and also representatives from media, publishers, civil society organizations participated in the programme.

In the beginning Dr. Pankaj Kumar, DPIIT IPR Chair Prof., National Law University Judicial Academy, (NLUJA), Guwahati put the welcome address to the dignitaries and participants.

He also discusses about different features of Intellectual Property Right. He also shared various examples of IPR and copywriters in different states of North East India.

Dr. Raghunath Chakraborty, Asst. Professor, Faculty of Law, ICFAI University, Tripura presented on new dimension of Copyright Law in India and questioned about whether Personality Right of Celebrities has been protected under any of the IPR Laws in India,
A Comprehensive overview on Intellectual Property Rights with Special Emphasis on Patent Law in India by Dr.Bandita Sengupta, Assistant Professor (Law), National Law University Tripura 

Subhranil Ray, Scientist, Nodal Officer, Science Communication and In-Charge, Patent Information Center, Tripura State Council for Science & Technology, DST&E, Government of Tripura cited IP Awareness in Tripura and some case studies 

While giving vote of thanks, Dr. Jayanta Choudhury,Hod (I/C), Department of Rural Studies, Tripura University and Secretary General, NETRA Foundation, mentioned some issues related to IPR in book as well article publication.  

Speakers and participants were very happy as recently Tripura state got the GI Tag for its unique product RISHA.

From the presentation and interaction, the following issues came out which may be addressed -
  1. The internet can be a breeding ground for IPR infringement. Limited access to the internet in some parts of Tripura might make it harder to track down online infringements. Expanding internet access can empower creators to leverage online platforms and combat online infringements.
  2. Information on IPR might not be readily available in local languages, further hindering awareness and access to the system.
  3. Government, academic institutions, Civil society organizations should take more initiatives and conduct workshops to educate communities about IPR and its benefits.
  4. Setting up of IP Facilitation Centers in every districts of Tripura can provide guidance and support for IPR registration and enforcement.

All the speakers were hopeful that by addressing these issues and challenges, Tripura can create a more robust IPR environment that fosters creativity, protects traditional knowledge, and benefits its artistic communities.

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