DM's late night burst at marriage halls: Ugly display of arrogance and power misuse, says Manik

Agartala, Apr 27, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Former Chief Minister and leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar took strong exception to the act DM West Tripura Sailesh Kumar Yadav and said that it was an “ugly” display of “arrogance at the same time misuse of power”. Issuing a statement, Sarkar condemned the incident and said that he was left astonished after going through the videos and social media posts pertaining to the incident.


“The relatives of the bride, the groom, the poruheet, some of the invitees have suffered harassment in the hands of the DM. Many of them have been  brought to the police station after arrest. The brother of the bride is a doctor and considering the situation, he has sought prior permission for the marriage. He has shared the list of documents in social media for everyone’s knowledge”, the statement reads. 


“I am surprised after seeing all this. This is a clear show of arrogance and misuse of power at the sametime. Such a behavior from a person holding such an august post like District Magistrate is unbesseming.  I condemn the undesirable and unexpected behavior of him”, said Sarkar in his statement. 


Sarkar also felt that appropriate steps will be taken on the part of the state government in respect to the incident. He has also expressed sympathy towards the families who have become victim families of the sudden showdown.