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Dr. Manik Saha Blasts CPIM, Congress; says People ready Reject Them in LS Polls

Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha launched a scathing attack on the CPIM and Congress. He strongly criticized both parties for their misrule in the State. He stated that the people will reject both parties in the upcoming Lok Sabha election because of the hardships they have faced.

Speaking at an election rally in Chakmaghat, Khowai District, in support of BJP candidate Kriti Singh Debbarma, Dr. Saha highlighted that the mismanagement by the CPIM and Congress has led to considerable problems for the people of the State.
"There was a time when we were uncertain whether we could break free from CPIM rule or not. However, when PM Modi came into power, we believed that our country would move in the right direction. Under the leadership of PM Modi and the then BJP national president Amit Shah, the CPIM was ousted from Tripura in 2018. Over the last six years, we have worked to establish peace in this state. Previously, politics was synonymous with unrest. Congress governed the state for five years, but their governance resembled that of the CPIM. It became evident to us that they were incapable of bringing about any meaningful change," said Dr. Saha.
He highlighted that not a single instance of violence occurred during the 2023 Assembly elections, which has bolstered people's trust in the BJP.
"PM Modi has set a target of 370 seats as we have prioritized the welfare and development of the country. Together with the NDA, we aim to surpass 400 seats. The overwhelming support witnessed during the nomination filing of candidates indicates victory for both BJP candidates in Tripura. Many lives were lost in Tripura during CPIM rule. Through scientific rigging, they managed to hold onto power. However, we have demonstrated what a fair election looks like. Our government is dedicated to the comprehensive development of Tripura, with empowering women being a top priority. To that end, we have introduced numerous schemes. The CPIM has never championed development and has failed to work for the welfare of the people," he added.
Chief Whip Kalyani Saha Roy, BJP candidate for the East Tripura constituency Kriti Singh Debbarma, BJP State Secretary David Debbarma, Janajati Minister Bikas Debbarma, TTAADC Executive Member Kamal Kalai, and others were present at the rally.

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