FICCI and KVIC join hands to Promote Honey Industry in North East

Agartala, Aug 29, 2020, ENEWSTIME Desk

Vinay Kumar Saxena, Chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Commission, while speaking at the first online National Conference on Honey “Honey Season 2020”, organized by FICCI and KVIC with support from the directorate of Horticulture, Government of Assam, said said KVIC is focused on promoting the honey Industry. He complimented FICCI on the unique initiative taken up by the industry body to promote the bee keeping and honey industry.

He further said, North East has huge potential for Honey production, particularly monofloral honey with specific properties, like rubber honey in Tripura. He also mentioned that KVIC is working on developing mobile Honey Processing units for the benefit of beekeepers in remote areas.  “KVIC has set a world record in distribution of bee boxes in a single day, under the Mission 1000 bee boxes were distributed to villagers around Kaziranga.” He further added.

Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman of FICCI- Northeast Advisory Council, while welcoming the participants & panelists, highlighted the importance of integrating nature in decision making process. He said “the world view      towards      nature      positive      business      structure      and      estimations      associated      with opportunities  and  employment  show  that  there  could  be  an  annual  savings  and  revenue  of  $15 billion  by  2030  –  marking  2030  as  the  year  of  magnanimous  changes  and  the  benchmark  set  by international  bodies  such  as  the  United  Nations,  the  World  Economic  Forum,  the  World  Health Organization    and    the    Agenda    30    (which    is    committed    to    eradicate    poverty    and    achieve sustainable   development   worldwide).   It   is   time   that   industries   and   companies   started   building resiliency with the help of collective leadership, and inspiring companies and governments can learn from the current Coronavirus pandemic and integrate nature into their decision-making process”

Dr.  Subodh  Jindal,  President,  All  India  Food  Processors  Association,  who  was  also  present  during  the conference, highlighted on the importance of changing the strategy of bee keeping in India in order to become a global player. To compete globally, it is also important that strict monitoring of quality standards are ensured by adopting NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technology & adequate market support to be extended to bee keepers.

Over 300 participants from across the North East and other states of India participated in the program. Among others who were present during the conference include Abdul Jalil, Director of Horticulture & Food processing, Govt of Assam, who spoke on the initiatives under taken by his department to develop the honey industry in the state,  Jawahar Lal Chaudhari, Former, Dy. CEO, KVIC who highlighted on the importance of devising insurance policies which covers bee related ailments & diseases, Dr. Sukamal Deb, Dy. CEO, KVIC-Northeast, Anup Dhanuka, MD, Kejriwal Honey, Sagar Kurade, MD, Suman Food consultants, N.K. Lotha, Team Member & Nodal, Nagaland Honey Mission, who spoke on the various initiatives & narrated the success story so far since inception, L. . Abraham, CEO, Ria foods, Manoj Kr. Das, MD, NERAMAC, S. Bhattacharjee, Chairman, Sub-Committee on Agro-food processing & non- timber forest products, FICCI-Northeast Advisory Council.