Ghastly killings: Estranged husband kills wife, mother-in-law, poisons self in Tripura

Agartala, Jan 11, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

In a ghastly incident, one person mercilessly hit his wife and mother-in law with a machete and hacked the duo to death at Ambassa under Dhalai district in Tripura on Monday morning. The accused killer also poisoned himself after the incident and was referred to GBP hospital Agartala for better treatment, police said on Monday.


According to police, the accused Narayan Das, a resident of Hapania Madhyapara near Agartala hacked to death his wife Jaya Sahi and mother in law Kajali Sahi in a fit of rage following a violent argument . 


Sources said, 14 years ago Jaya and Narayan got married. But, soon after their marriage, problems began to develop in the family. Sources close to Jaya’s family also revealed that she was often beaten by Narayan and several times, in the past, she returned to her home and later reunited with Narayan with the initiatives of the family members.


In the meantime, Jaya gave birth to two children but things did not sort out and continued to get worse. At one point of time, Jaya left Narayan and returned to her paternal home in Ambassa. Even though Narayan attempted to bring her back, she refused to stay with him. 


The growing problems between Jaya and Narayan took new heights as soon as Jaya sent a divorce notice to Narayan a few months ago. Irked by the notice, Narayan reached Ambassa and threatened her of dire consequences if she did not withdraw her petition. 


On Monday, Narayan rushed to the residence of his in-laws and tried to force Jaya to accompany her. Facing refusal, he started to drag her onto the courtyard failing which he picked up a machete (dao) and rained repeated blows on her back-side of the neck. His mother-in-law Kajali Sahi raised the alarm and attempted to prevent him but in return she also received grievous injuries. Both the mother-daughter duo died on spot. As the neighbours rushed after hearing screaming they found the two bodies were lying in a pool of blood—both dead - at the verandah. 


In no time, locals laid a siege surrounding the house and prevented Narayan to escape -they could not near to the killer as he was wielding the dao fiercely and threatened to attack them as well. The agitated mob grew but before they could gang upon him police arrived on the spot and rescued Narayan from the crowd.


Later, the police found out that Narayan had also consumed poison. As his health conditions deteriorated, he was first taken to Kulai hospital and then referred to GBP hospital Agartala.   


OC Ambassa police station said, “We have started investigating the matter but as of now the accused is in Hospital. He has poisoned himself after committing the crime as per the primary medical investigation and now referred to GBP hospital for better treatment”.