GMP holds Tripura Govt responsible for killings of two persons during recent Anti-Bru agitation

Agartala, Dec 03, 2020, ENEWSTIME Desk

Gana Mukti Parishad (GMP) has held the State Government responsible for deaths of Srikanta Das and Firefighter Biswajit Debbarma at Agnipasha in Panisagar during an anti-Bru rehabilitation agitation recently.

Speaking to media GMP leader Radhacharan Debbarma said, “State Government’s autocratic attitude responsible for the chaos broke out at Agnipasha in which Srikanta Das and Biswajit Debbarma were killed and several others were injured”.

Continuing his tirade against the Government, Radhacharan raised the question as to who ordered to fire on agitators and who did fire on them.

“Police did not try to prevent the agitators. Police did not use tear gas or water cannon to disperse agitators – straightway Police resorted to firing on agitators. This blatantly expressed apathy of the Government and now, the Government must pay compensation to the victims – both the killings of Srikanta Das and Biswajit Debbarma as well as left many other persons injured. One of the injured persons, Krishna Das had to be amputated his leg”, Radhacharan said and added, persons involved in Panisagar violence should be punished. However, he lamented that the Government is not taking any action.

“Several Bengali families in Dasda area had been attacked by miscreants. Due to Government’s apathy and inefficacy, these families had to take shelter at Durgaram School”, he alleged.

Shifting the focus of attack,  Radhacharan said some small groups of people are trying to disrupt peace and creating acrimonious ambience in the State – the Government must wake up slumber, before it’s too late.