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H3N2 flu cases on the rise in Kanpur

Nearly 50 patients have been admitted in a day at Hallet Hospital in Kanpur, after they complained of high fever, persistent cough and shortness of breath.

The rising number of H3N2 subtype influenza cases Kanpur has raised the concerns of health department officials.

There is a long queue of patients not just outside government hospitals, but even private hospitals are also struggling with the same.

Cases with flu-like symptoms, including high fever, persistent cough and acute respiratory issues, have been reported in Kanpur in large numbers.

The hospital authorities at Hallet were forced to shift patients to different wards after the emergency ward was full.

Dr Richa Giri, Head of the Medicine Department of Hallet Hospital, said, "Every year due to change in weather, many such cases are seen, but this time the number of patients is very high."

Patients are coming to Kanpur from adjoining districts like Aurraiya and Kanpur Dehat.

She said, "In the past 24 hours, only 23-24 patients have been admitted complaining of difficulty in breathing, who are being given oxygen support. Some have been put on ventilators."

"It is difficult to differentiate this virus from Covid-19 and it is possible only after the test, because it is a subtype of influenza A. It becomes difficult to test it because there is a separate kit for each subtype," she added.

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