Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon commends volunteers for planting over 100k saplings in Ladakh

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Leh, May 31, 2023, IANS

Renowned Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon expressed her heartfelt appreciation on Wednesday to the Young Drukpa Association and the dedicated volunteers who participated in the successful planting of over 100,000 saplings in Ladakh this month.

In a video message directed towards the non-profit humanitarian group, Live to Love International, Sarandon lauded the remarkable achievement and thanked everyone involved for "planting hope."

Live to Love International is a compassionate organization that focuses on building resilience among the people and the region of the Himalayas.

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal back in 2015, Sarandon collaborated with the renowned Kung Fu nuns from the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery, founded by the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, the spiritual leader of the ancient Drukpa Order, which dates back over a millennium.

Together, they provided medical services and served as empowering role models for women.

On May 17, Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brig (retd) B.D. Mishra, officially launched the "Trees for Life" campaign in Liktsey. The event witnessed an impressive plantation of 100,000 trees covering a vast area of 19 acres.

Susan-SarandonThe initiative involved the planting of various native trees, including Ladakhi willow, poplar, as well as local fruit trees such as apples and apricots.

The primary objective of this ambitious greening endeavor is to combat soil erosion, establish natural watersheds, and reduce the risks associated with flash floods and landslides.

The "Trees for Life" campaign has received overwhelming support from numerous stakeholders and has garnered participation from over 5,000 individuals.

Environmental enthusiasts and nature lovers believe that Live to Love's "Trees for Life" campaign in Ladakh will be remembered as a crucial milestone in the region's ongoing efforts for environmental conservation.

Through the transformative power of trees and the collective dedication of passionate individuals, a sustainable and greener future is being nurtured.

It is noteworthy that Live to Love had previously achieved a significant milestone in 2012 by planting a remarkable 99,103 Ladakhi saplings in Ladakh, setting a new Guinness World Record.

The organization's commitment to environmental preservation continues to inspire and mobilize communities towards a more sustainable and resilient world. (Edited).