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India-Bangladesh Sports Friendship Forum holds meeting in Comilla

The India-Bangladesh Sports Friendship Forum (IBSFF) and the Comilla District Sports Association (CDSA) jointly organized a view-exchange meeting at the CDSA office on Saturday to discuss ways to enhance sports cooperation and development between the two countries.

The meeting was attended by Sujit Roy, General Secretary of IBSFF, who came from Agartala, India, and Nazmul Ahsan Farooq Roman, General Secretary of CDSA, who led the Bangladesh delegation. Officials, players, organizers, and representatives of various sports disciplines from Comilla also participated in the meeting.

The meeting resolved to work together to promote and develop sports in both India and Bangladesh, especially in the fields of football, cricket, badminton, and karate, which are lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and opportunities. 

The meeting also agreed to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two friendly countries through sports exchange programs.

Sujit Roy said that sports is one of the crucial mediums for exchanging ideas and fostering ties between the two countries. He expressed his desire to invite players from Comilla district of Bangladesh to visit India and vice versa. 

He said, "This will help our future generation to be properly developed through sports and the relationship between the two countries will be further improved."

Roy invited a football, cricket, badminton, and karate team from Comilla to visit Agartala, India, as soon as possible and set a tentative date of March 10 for this purpose. 

He also announced that a sports medicine clinic would be organized in Comilla under the auspices of IBSFF.

Nazmul Ahsan Farooq Roman thanked India for its support during the liberation war of Bangladesh and said that the relationship between India and Bangladesh is very deep. 

He said, "If we want to take this relationship further, we have to move forward through sports. We want to play, give our boys and girls a chance." He requested Sujit Roy to visit Comilla soon with a sports team from Agartala.

He congratulated and welcomed the Agartala delegation for taking the initiative to exchange views on sports with IBSFF and CDSA.

On the occasion, Hem Kumar, who came cycling from Chhattisgarh, India, was greeted by CDSA.

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