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Iran's Top Brigadier General Mohammed Reza ZahediSlain in alleged Israeli Airstrike

A top Iranian General was killed in an airstrike allegedly by Israel in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The officer identified as Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Zahedi is a top general of the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The Arab media reported late Monday night said that he was killed along with a Lieutenant and five other officers in an aerial attack allegedly by Israel.

Iran Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in a statement said that Tehran holds Israel responsible for the consequences of the attack.

Sources in Israel Defence Ministry told IANS that Zahedi is the topmost ranking Iranian officer killed since the October 7 war between Israel and Hamas began last year.

Zahedi, according to sources, is ranked above Sayyed Reza Mousavi killed in December, 2023.

According to sources, Zahedi was the highest ranking officer in communication with Hezbollah and his death is a major body blow to Iran and its Quds Forces widely believed to be the main force behind terror outfit Hezbollah.

He had commanded the Iran Air Force and was, according to Israeli agencies, responsible for smuggling arms into Lebanon for the Hezbollah.

The Arabic and Hebrew media said that the airstrike was on a building adjacent to the Iranian consulate in Syria. This building was serving as the regional headquarters of the IRGC.

Iranian embassy in Syria in a statement on Monday night said, "The barbaric Israeli aggression is a flagrant violation of international laws, diplomatic norms and the requirements of the Vienna Convention."

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