Kate Moss in 'not very high maintenance' when it comes to make-up

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Los Angeles, Sep 03, 2022, IANS

Supermodel Kate Moss insists her make-up routine is "not very high maintenance."

The 48-year-old supermodel keeps her day-to-day make-up natural and "basic" unless she's getting dolled up for a night out, reports aceshowbiz.com.

"I'd have to say I'm not very high maintenance when it comes to doing my own makeup. If I go out on a night ... I'll put more on obviously, do an eye. During the day, I keep it pretty basic," she said.

The catwalk beauty also said that she has been doing yoga and meditation to keep her "grounded and balanced."

She told Vogue in a Beauty Secrets video, "I've been meditating, doing yoga, just being much healthier a all of this stuff that can make you feel more grounded and balanced."

Moss said that her daughter Lila - also a model - is always telling her off for not wearing sun protection. "My daughter tells me off all the time. I do know it's important."

Kate - who has 19-year-old daughter Lila with former partner Jefferson Hack - loves to retreat to her garden when she's feeling tired.

She explained: "I come here and lie on the grass and burn frankincense. I listen to music and have a moment of peace. It's so peaceful. This is where I come to get grounded."