Meat, fish and vegetable prices soar in Kolkata ahead of Bhai Dooj

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Kolkata, Nov 14, 2023, IANS

Just a day ahead of Bhai Dooj, the prices of fish and meat skyrocketed in Kolkata on Tuesday, leaving cutomers disappointed.

Known as 'Bhai Phota' in West Bengal, women across the state not only do “tilak” of their brothers praying for their long-lives, but also arrange a grand feast with mandatory non-vegetarian dishes, including fish, mutton and chicken.

While Hilsa fish is selling between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 a kg in the retail markets, the price of pomfret is ranging between Rs 350 and Rs 400 a kg.

While the price of Bhetki fish is hovering between Rs 600 and Rs 650 a kg, a kg of lobster is being priced between Rs 650 and Rs 700.

Meanwhile at some markets, the price of 1 kg of mutton has touched Rs 800.

Although higher than the average rate, chicken is selling at a comparatively lower price between Rs 150 and Rs 200 a kg.

Meanwhile, the prices of vegetables are also on the rise. 

While cauliflower is priced at Rs 50 per piece, ginger is being sold at Rs 200 a kg.

The price of tomato is ranging between Rs 70 and Rs 90 a kg.

Due to the sky-high rates, many have had to reduce their menus on the occasion.

“My brother, a marine engineer by profession, is in the city this year after a long time. He is a real foodie. So this year I wanted to make him an item each of hilsa, lobster, mutton and chicken. But considering the price I was forced to take off hilsa and chicken from the menu, and settle only with mutton and lobster,” said Jayita Sarkar, a school-teacher by profession and a resident of Kasba in South Kolkata.

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