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Mukhyamantri Samipeshu in Tripura: Citizens finding solace and assistance in CM Dr Manik Saha's weekly program

In a display of hope and determination, people from various corners of Tripura came to attend on Thursday (May 25) the "Mukhyamantri Samipeshu," a weekly interaction program where they had the opportunity to voice their grievances directly to Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha.  

Among the attendees today was an Agartala resident, Prantosh Hrishi Das, a labourer by profession, who arrived at the Chief Minister's residence along with his Thalassemia affected 8-year-old son, Rajdeep. Seeking assistance for his son's medical treatment, Prantosh shared his plight with the Chief Minister. Touched by their story, the Chief Minister wasted no time and immediately directed the concerned officials to take necessary measures to ensure Rajdeep's treatment.

Another resident, Lakhi Barman Datta from Madhyapara, Bardowali, Agartala, also sought the Chief Minister's intervention. She appealed for support in her husband's treatment and her son's education. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, the Chief Minister promptly instructed the concerned officials to provide the necessary assistance to Lakhi and her family.

West Pratapgarh resident, Swapna Gope Ghosh, also participated in the Mukhyamantri Samipeshu program today. After her husband, a former homeguard, passed away in 2021, Swapna found herself in dire circumstances. She approached the Chief Minister, hoping for some form of aid. The Chief Minister attentively heard her plea and ensured that appropriate measures were taken to alleviate her hardships.

Joining the program, Kamna Das, a resident of Joynagar, sought the Chief Minister's support for her ailing husband and son. Their medical conditions had placed a heavy burden on the family, and Kamna looked to the Chief Minister for assistance. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the Chief Minister directed the concerned officials to extend the necessary aid to Kamna and her loved ones.

In a similar incident, Kartik Das, a labourer hailing from Jolaibari, approached the Chief Minister regarding the treatment of his 13-year-old son, Ankur, who is currently suffering from a severe heart condition. Touched by their distressing circumstances, the Chief Minister ensured that Ankur's medical needs would be promptly addressed.

In another heart-wrenching case, Maran Debnath from East Pratapgarh arrived with his 3-year-old son, Tushar, who has been grappling with a kidney ailment for the past two years. The Chief Minister took note of their plight and swiftly directed the concerned officials to take the necessary steps to alleviate their suffering.

Adding to the list of attendees was Arun Kumar Reang from Kanchanpur, who pleaded for assistance with his mother Janki Reang's cancer treatment. Understanding the urgency and importance of the matter, the Chief Minister instructed the concerned officials to initiate the necessary steps to facilitate Janki's treatment.

The attendees expressed immense gratitude for the opportunity to share their hardships directly with the Chief Minister and the immediate remedial action being taken. Several high-ranking officials, including Secretary of the Chief Minister Dr. Pradip Kumar Chakraborty, Secretary of Health Department Dr. Debashish Basu, Secretary of Social Welfare & Social Education Department Tapas Roy, Secretary of Home Department Saradindu Choudhury, and OSD of Directorate of Health Services Dr. Dibyendu Bikash Das, were present during the program.

Notably, the Mukhyamantri Samipeshu program continues to serve as a platform for citizens in dire needs to connect with the Chief Minister, fostering a sense of inclusivity and enabling prompt action on pressing issues.

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