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Namibian cheetah Shasha dies at MP's Kuno National Park

A female cheetah, Shasha, who was brought to India in the first batch of eight Namibian big cats and was relocated to Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park was reported dead on Monday. As per the officials the big cat died due to renal infection.

As per the earlier statements by wildlife officials, Shasha was suffering from renal infection, and a team of wildlife doctors and experts was treating her. The officials had earlier stated that her condition was improving.

Shasha was among the three cheetahs who were not released into the wild till earlier this March. Shasha was in a quarantine Boma and was about to shift into a soft predator-free enclosure. She was being provided buffalo meat due to weakness, a senior forest official told IANS.

Although official sources confirmed the death of the cheetah, state government officials were yet make any statement on this matter.

"Shasha took her last breath while doctors were treating her today (Monday) afternoon. It is said that she died due to renal infection, however, the autopsy will reveal the real cause of death," a senior forest official told IANS requesting not to be named.

Meanwhile, reports suggested that the veterinarians found symptoms of dehydration and renal infection in Shasha.

Shasha was among those Namibian cheetahs who were translocated to India on September 17 at Kuno National Park.

A total of 12 cheetahs (8 from Namibia and 4 from South Africa) were released in two phases in the world's first such project. The demise of five-year-old Shasha came as a major jolt to India's dream project.

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