Once ruined, a rural health center in Tripura witnesses fairy tale rise from debris

Agartala, Apr 07, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Gutted in a devastating fire two years ago, Tulamura PHC, in a true sense, rose like a phoenix from ruins. Unrelenting Dedication and determination of health personnel have contributed in its fairy tale rise.


Even a couple of years ago, medical services at Tulamura Hospital were dismal – in fact, the services were limited to only ‘delivery’. Moreover, in 2018, a devastating fire engulfed the PHC. Flames reduced it to ashes.


The fire destroyed the PHC but ignited rock-solid determination among the health personnel of the Hospital. They were determined to find ways to recreate the PHC from the ruins in a much better way. They prepared an elaborate plan for optimal utilization of Central funds.


Rural-Health-Center-Tripura-PMJAYRecalling the past, health officials of the PHC Dr Joyshankar Majumder said, “the fire left us completely destroyed. We were worried and apprehensive as to how to reconstruct the PHC”.


“However, we were determined to reconstruct the PHC and make it even better. For this, we concentrated on Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (PMJAY). The Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS) of the PHC also extended its full cooperation. We embarked on a new journey with a mission and vision”, Dr Majumder said.    


And, ultimately they succeeded. Tulamura PHC emerged as one of the best PHC in Gomati District – also a glaring inspiration.


The success of the Tulamura PHC also got recognition. This PHC got the ‘Best Hospital’ in the District recognition from Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb. The recognition came for successful implementation (PMJAY), Dr Majumder said.


Describing the success achieved, Dr Majumder said, “We have distributed 95 percent e-card under PMJAY among the beneficiaries during the last one year. Moreover, Tulamura PHC provided free treatment to 1134 patients in the last year. The PHC also provides free Lab tests and medicines to beneficiaries''.


Implementation of PMJAY also helped the PHC and its RKS to collect funds for harnessing the infrastructures of the Hospital. Dr Majumder said, “The RKS earned Rs 51 lakh for the implementation of PMJAY. With this fund, we initiated various steps for the welfare of patients as well as improved facilities for Minor OT”.


He also said, the PHC has made arrangements for every day washing dresses of patients, bed covers etc. Special arrangements have been taken to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases. Installation of the solar system and high-quality Filters has also benefited the patients.


Once ruined, Tulamura PHC has gained the confidence of patients and the situation is such that patients are not willing to go to other hospitals if they were ‘referred’.