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Los Angeles/Mumbai, Mar 29, 2021, IANS

Why Jodie Foster won't do comedies

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster has opened up on why she normally does not want to do comedies.

"People have said to me, ‘Why don't you do comedies? You never even did a romantic comedy!' And I say, ‘I've done ‘Maverick'. But there are a number of reasons why I don't do comedies. I like them, but they don't give me the same feeling of significance, and even as an actor doing them, I think they can be kind of fun for a week, then you start getting hungry for feeling like you should be doing something more important," she said, according femalefirst.co.uk.

She said that even as a child, she has always enjoyed films that lead to "deep conversations".

In a interview with Sunday Times newspaper's Culture magazine, Foster said: "Movies changed my life. From a young age, that was my place. My mum was a single mum and all my brothers and sisters much older. They were out of the house by the time I was 10, so our whole life was my mum handling her feelings, whether depression, anxiety or fear, by taking me to the movies every day. Then we'd have deep conversations, whether about the world or her life."

Yami Gautam: Will always respect all my films as they gave me work

Yami Gautam, who plays an IPS officer in the upcoming "Dasvi", says she will always respect all her films because these projects gave her work and sustained her through the years.

Yami-Gautam-enewstime-entertainment"One thing I learnt in my journey so far is when I had come to the city for the first time, I came with a sense of fearlessness.

I was a shy girl and have always been a reserved person but I was fearless. I didn't have the fear of saying no to something I didn't believe in it," Yami tells IANS.

The actress has made a mark over the years with her roles in films such as "Vicky Donor", "Kaabil", "Uri: The Surgical Strike", "Badlapur" and "Bala".

"I will always have respect for all the films I have done because at that point of time that was what gave me work. I will never be disrespectful to anybody or any film, even the ones that didn't do well or weren't good films. In your heart you know that it's not going to be a good film.

Knowing that and still signing it comes from a sense of fear. Now I am back to being the same Yami who does not have fear," she adds.

Yami claims good work will always be her criterion of success.

"The most import thing for me has been always been to prioritise working on myself as an actor. There will always be senior actors but it's about who is a good actor.

There is a space for every film and actor but for someone like me it's important to know what is the depth in the character versus if it's a big film or big budget. It's the script that is important for me," she says.

Besides "Dasvi", Yami will also be seen in "A Thursday" and "Bhoot Police".