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Pink Police Patrol launched in Assam's Nagaon district

The police have taken an innovative approach to ensure women's safety in Assam's Nagaon district by launching the Pink Police Patrol, an official said on Saturday.

According to the police, this will ease the travelling of women and children.

Leena Doley, Superintendent of Police of Nagaon district, launched the customised vehicle on Friday.

The pink car is intended to make rescued children victims feel at ease and less threatened by a police car.

The vehicle will operate in accordance with complaints, and it will take the accused to the police station.

"We already had a women's cell but we want to modernise it, so we also opened a children's cell to go along with it. We will increase manpower and deploy as many officers as necessary, together with the officer in charge, to fortify the women's cell," Doley said.

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