Promoting accessibility and price stability of essentials: Sushanta holds virtual conference with officials

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Agartala, Jun 02, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

In an attempt to bolster the public distribution system (PDS) and foster overall development for consumers, a crucial virtual conference took place on Friday (June 2) at the Secretariat Hall in Agartala.

The conference served as a platform to bring together Sub-Divisional Magistrates (SDMs) and officials associated with the food departments of eight districts in the state.

With a primary focus on addressing crucial issues related to the PDS, the meeting proved to be an important step toward ensuring efficient food distribution and accessibility.

Food-Minister-Tripura-Sushanta-ChowdhuryThe video conference was chaired by the Minister of Food and PDS Department, Sushanta Chowdhury, who held intensive discussions and interactions with the officials.

One of the key objectives was to gather detailed information about the stock levels of various food items across the districts.

The Minister sought comprehensive insights from the high officials present at the conference, who promptly provided a detailed report on the current status of food stocks.

Taking into account the critical importance of maintaining stable and reasonable prices for essential commodities in the local markets across the State,

The Minister directed the officials to conduct regular on-the-ground monitoring in the markets.

The aim of the initiative was to prevent any unjustified price fluctuations and ensure that daily necessities remain affordable for the general public.

By emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts, the Food Minister shared valuable suggestions to strengthen the public distribution system and invigorate the overall development process. The ultimate goal was to ensure that all stakeholders, particularly the consumers, reap the benefits of an improved and efficient PDS.

Along with the Food Minister, Additional Director of Food and Public Procurement, Animesh Debbarma, Deputy Directors Abhijit Biswas, and Subrata Majumder, and SDMs from different sub-divisions participated in the virtual conference.  

According to the concerned stakeholders, this meeting, with a focus on maintaining price stability and adequate food stocks, marked a positive step towards in addressing the concern of the common people.