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Promotion of Agribusiness is essential to address major SDGs, Experts opined in Intl Symposium

Global Forum for Sustainable Rural development (GFSRD) and farmers Pride International, Africa (FPI) organised 2-days online Asia-Africa international Symposium on Agri-business, 16-17th January'2022 in association with UNAccc, India and Global Peace Let’s talk, UK. Total 17 speakers from 11 countries and 572 participants from 43 countries joined the symposium. Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, GFSRD; Dr. Nikki De Pina, GPLT, UK and Dr. Rajat Sharma, UNAccc welcomed all the dignitaries.

Prof. Manas Mohan Adhikary, former Vice Chancellor of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal, India was sharing his vast experience on strength of Agricultural Extension and its global importance. He has pointed out, in India, 0.12 million Agriculture Extension Workers are strongly engaged to serve in ground level & so far highest for a country's Agriculture backbone beside NGO/ Pvt. and even many others digital systems. He was also pointing on Extension Commodity Boards & ATMA- KVK knowledge hub in India.

Dr. Rajendra Uperty, Division Chief, Agribusiness, Nepal Agri, Ministry pointed out on Agri-business scenario in Asia where special emphasis should be given on organic products through Agri. network & value chain analysis. He was also pointing on modern Agriculture products in SriLanka & Nepal through Agri support system.

Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu, Ex. Director (National Groundnut Research Centre,  ICAR), FAO, UNDP was highlighting on Worldwide pulses Research scenarios, mainly on ground nut, the world's 3rd vegetable protein & 5th vegetable oil source and huge scopes through Global Agri-business scenario. He was pointing on phyto-toxin regulations & aflatoxin contamination in global economy.


Prof. Safiul Islam Afrad, Head, Agriculture Extension & RD Dept, Dhaka Agriculture University,  Bangladesh has pointed Agri-business commodities in Bangladesh & given one example of potato , the huge gap between farmers price Rs 4.00 and market price Rs. 30.00 (Bangladesh local Price)
Elfas Mc Cloud Shangwa, Sr. Executive Director, FPI- Africa, USA was sharing on industrial market, value chain, financial & value addition of Agri-business products like coco, chocolate etc. through Global Agri-business scenario in context of Africa Sub Region.

Dr. Sebastein Faucaud, Executive Technologist, PALO ALTO Strategy Group, France has highlighted the data science & artificial intelligence issue on Global Agri-business Economy. He has given an example of Agri-business scenario in Kindia, Gunea, West Africa where huge scopes through using artificial intelligence.

Dr. Anupam Paul, Jr. Director of Agriculture, Directorate of Agriculture, W.B Govt. has highlighted the special issue on untold Agriculture where he was seeking through this prestigious dias to save & conserve our Agriculture History rather promoting Fertilizer, Genetic research .H.Y.V or Hybridization. He has given few examples of rice, maize, pulses varieties i.e nearly 8000 no. varieties being untraced & lost productivity although Basmati rice was historically mentioned in Alexander's book even Aristotle remarked the scientific name of Rice. He also mentioned the name of Lord Budhha, Rabi Thakur & Nuva Hararui who made remarkable history in Global Agriculture History.

Prof Kanchan Kumar Bhowmik, National Expert on Sustainable Agriculture under Govt. of India has pointed the issue on global food chain through organic Agri. products which are the backbone of GDP or Gross Happiness Index and also highlighting, the words, if we assure our day to day food products are poison free then all problems like Global SDG issues will be solved automatically.

Dr. Paritosh Bhattacharya,  Ex. Director, FAO & Addl. Commissioner,  Ministry of Agriculture,  Govt of India for sharing on Natural and Organic Farming in Global economy. He was pointing on natural farming of Phalekar Method & world organic area cultivation of Australia, china & even in 3rd world countries & certification of organic products. He has strongly recommended without organic protocol country can't be move fast in all respects.

Prof. Debasis Majumdar, Ex. Vice Chancellor, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya was sharing his vast experience on role play of Agriculture Statistics in Global Economy. Our nation needs exclusively Agriculture Statistical Research Institute like Indian Agriculture Statistical Research Institute (IASRI) for water, soil, environmental quality index. He has pointed on e-application model for good living for the farmers.

Maksim Siadura, Director, Business Operation, England  was pointing on Use of drones in Agriculture & the future of unmanned technologies while Dr. Kevin Wilson, Professor & Sr. Executive Director, FPI, USA was pointing on cooperative structure as a solution of market access & start up capitalization (African perspective)

Victoria Kamango, Social Protection Office, Ministry of Gender, Malawi Govt. was addressing on gender disparities in agriculture business specifically causes and solutions and Dr. Moses Abednego Ollengo, Director Research Innovation Management and Community Linkages, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya discussed on Online Agribusiness marketing an enabler for rural development

Maria Christina Endarwati, ST. MIUEM, Lecturer, National Institute of Technology Malang, Indonesia talked on Food Securitas, Healthiness  and Good Agri Business through Amorphophallus Muelleri

Dr. Shavani Basu, MD, SBSF AGRI TECH, Germany was explaining nicely on Global science, business and sustainable future. She has pointed out on worldwide massive attack of Agriculture Pests i.e. Boll Warm etc. & global data domain knowledge & extension services. She also pointed on huge scopes of Barbara Groundnut not only in Africa but in Global economic too.
Dr. Jayanta Choudhury gives vote of thanks & addresses to all Researchers, Academicians, Professors & Bureaucrats who participated in this prestigious dais for heartiest welcome on behalf of GFSRD, GPLT, UNAcc and FPI, Africa and other social networking organizations for supporting to gear-up the Symposium.

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