Responsible AI for Youth programme: 'Made in Mars' takes Tripura Girl to Round 2

Agartala, Jan 12, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Puhabi Chakraborty a student of class 9 Kendriya Vidyalaya NIT Agartala has been selected to participate in Round 2 of the ‘Responsible AI for youth’ program. The programme will be organized by Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, Government of India, National e-governance division and Intel.


She is the only one selected from the state of Tripura and one of the five students selected from the Northeast region. Only 125 students have been selected to participate in round 2 from all across India.


The project which got her this recognition named ‘Made in Mars’ involves building AI enabled 3D printed biospheres for the first manned Mars mission way before the first humans arrive on Mars.


The AI enabled 3D printer will be launched as an unmanned rover like curiosity rover by NASA or Mangalayan by ISRO and will land on Mars terrain and start building biospheres based on data collected on the geography of Martian terrain. This will make sure the astronauts do not spend their precious time in building living quarters and get to terrain exploration or astro-biological research as soon as they acclimate to Martian atmosphere.


The round 2 of this program involves deep dive AI Training conducted by Certified Intel AI coaches and experts where Puhabi’s project will take shape in reality through continuous thorough training sessions of these 125 selected students from classes 8 to 12.


Puhabi is thrilled to have gotten the chance to represent the state of Tripura in such a prestigious national level competition and hopes to make it to the top 20 in round 3 of this competition. 


Puhabi also represented the state of Tripura in the Wako open International kick boxing championship where she received 2 gold and 1 bronze medals last February.