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Roy Kapur Films Acquires Rights to Biopic on Sukumar Sen, India's First Chief Election Commissioner

The rights to produce a biopic on the life of Sukumar Sen, India's first Chief Election Commissioner and the architect behind the country's first general elections in 1951-1952, have been acquired by Siddharth Roy Kapur's esteemed production house, Roy Kapur Films (RKF).

Roy Kapur Films, along with Trickitainment Media, has acquired the rights to produce a biopic on the life of Sukumar Sen.

Siddharth said: "We are so honoured to bring to life the incredible story of one of our national heroes, Sukumar Sen, who played a crucial role in shaping India’s democratic history. From the very system of identifying political parties by different symbols and colours in order to combat illiteracy to coming up with the idea of indelible ink on fingernails to avoid voter impersonation... so many of his innovations are in place even today!”

He said that Sen’s contribution to laying the architecture for the democratic process deserves to be celebrated.

Sukumar Sen’s grandson, Sanjiv, said: "One of India's greatest successes as a nation has been its successful democracy. The foundation of all democracies is free and fair elections, and the credit for laying the bedrock for this vibrant electoral process must go to Sukumar Sen, my grandfather and the first CEC of Independent India.”

He wished the producers all success in portraying the untold story of an unsung hero of the nation.

“This is a laudable effort to make the people of our country aware of a remarkable person and his achievements,” added his second grandson, Debdatta Sen.

A brilliant mathematician turned civil servant, Sukumar Sen’s biggest challenge in a young nation that had never experienced an election before was to execute the entire process within just two years of the country becoming a republic on January 26, 1950.

"Told after 73 years, it is a must-see for all generations across the nation," said Romanchak Arora from Trickitainment Media.

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