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Sharif playing the 'India Card' against Imran Khan : Pak journalist

Renowned Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir asserted in an article that the political landscape in Islamabad is once again witnessing the utilization of the "India card."


In his piece published in The News, Mir highlighted how political adversaries of Prime Minister Imran Khan have been emphasizing the praise and recognition he has received in the Indian media.


"Imran Khan is being seen as a newfound instrument for the Pakistani establishment. In the past, figures like Fatima Jinnah, sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, were branded as Indian agents by Ayub Khan, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was accused of the same by General Yahya Khan, Benazir Bhutto faced allegations of being an Indian agent during General Zia's era, and supporters of General Musharraf labeled Nawaz Sharif as such. This ongoing propaganda has unnerved several PTI leaders, leading some to exit politics," stated the journalist.


Mir suggests that Khan may face a disqualification from politics similar to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, noting how the "India card" was maliciously employed against Sharif.


"Now, the Sharif family is utilizing this tactic against Khan. They are attempting to turn May 9th into a 9/11 for Imran Khan. However, I believe that if Nawaz Sharif can stage a comeback, then Khan can also do the same after a few years. He may be down but he is not yet defeated," said Mir.


India-card-Sharif-ImranThe journalist acknowledged that despite Khan enjoying substantial public support, surpassing that of any other politician in Pakistan today, he is paying the price for his political blunders.


Mir argued that Khan failed to establish his party on democratic principles and did not govern as a Prime Minister but rather as a monarch.


"He forgot that he was placed in the Prime Minister's office by the Army, but then he began meddling in Army appointments and transfers, angering his true masters."


Mir further highlighted a series of actions taken by Khan that have not yielded favorable outcomes.


"He attempted to ward off a no-confidence motion by dissolving the national assembly, only for the Supreme Court to reinstate it. He played the card of an alleged American conspiracy, which proved unsuccessful.


He resigned from the National Assembly, but it backfired. He tried to mobilize massive public support in Islamabad on May 26 and November 26 last year, but failed to gather a substantial crowd.


He dissolved the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, hoping to force the government into early elections, yet once again, he met with failure," outlined Mir.


The journalist emphasized the dynamic nature of Pakistani politics, where the deployment of strategic narratives, such as the "India card," can have significant implications for the country's leaders.


He asserted that Khan, despite his current setbacks, may still have the potential for a political resurgence in the future. (Edited)

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