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Stanford University address: Rahul Gandhi asserts "Our Fight is Ours"

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, during his speech at Stanford University, emphasized that he is not seeking international support and firmly stated that "our fight is ours."

During his visit to the United States, Rahul Gandhi, who is on a six-day trip, addressed a gathering at the prestigious Stanford University in California on Wednesday. Responding to a question about his stance on opposition parties seeking international support, the former MP clarified his position, saying, "I'm not seeking support from anyone. I am very clear that our fight is our fight."

Rahul Gandhi expressed his intention to engage with a group of young Indian students at Stanford University and foster relationships with them. He emphasized that it is his right to do so and questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not engage in similar interactions. Rahul Gandhi believes that the Prime Minister should be accountable and answer difficult questions.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has previously criticized Rahul Gandhi for allegedly tarnishing the country's image on foreign soil. The BJP strongly condemned his meetings with Chinese diplomats during the India-China border dispute.

Rahul Gandhi arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday morning, marking the beginning of his US trip, during which he is scheduled to meet American lawmakers, think tanks, and deliver lectures at the Harvard Club. As a result of his disqualification as a Lok Sabha MP, he is currently traveling on an ordinary passport after surrendering his diplomatic passport.

On Tuesday evening, he engaged with the Indian diaspora in San Francisco. Additionally, during his stay in California, he plans to meet venture capitalists, technology executives, and students in Silicon Valley. (Edited)

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