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Stay Cool Like Alaya F: Actress Shares Her Summer Diet Tips and Tricks

Actress Alaya F, who is gearing up for her upcoming film 'Srikanth' opposite Rajkummar Rao, has shared her summer diet regimen.

Given Mumbai's humid summers, which can be exhausting, the actress prioritises hydration, ensuring a minimum intake of three litres of water daily.

Alaya also shared that she likes to include a lot of mangoes in her diet, given that it’s the fruit for the summer.

Discussing her seasonal diet, the actress told IANS: "During summers, I prefer consuming cooling and light foods. Although my diet stays pretty consistent throughout the year, it's great to incorporate more fruits and yogurt and, most importantly, to stay well-hydrated. Since it's mango season, I add mangoes to a lot of my diet.”

Alaya then spoke about how she starts her day in terms of food intake.

In the morning, the actress likes to have an avocado toast with eggs.

“On the side, I’ll have a small bowl of mangoes and also some nice cold watermelon. It’s refreshing and so tasty. Lunch remains the same, just some light vegetables with quinoa, or if it’s an Indian preparation, I’ll have it with some jowar roti. To modify it for the summer, I’ll have some cucumber raita or yoghurt on the side, or sometimes even just a glass of buttermilk with my lunch. Dinner usually consists of a soup and a light but filling and wholesome salad," she added.

The actress shared that “the most important part of my diet," especially during the summers is water intake.

Alaya said: "Since I often exercise without fans or AC, in the summer, that means I end up sweating a lot! So hydration is super important for me. I drink a lot of water in the day, and to keep track of it and maximise it, I like to infuse my water with healthy substances. In the morning, while I’m exercising, I finish about 750 ml of cucumber, mint, and lemon water, and I also add my collagen powder to it."

“After that, through the first half of the day, I finish 1.2 litres of water that has cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, and chia seeds. After that, I have about 1 litre of just regular plain water through the day, and at night I have 750 ml of hot water with saunf, ajwain, jeera, flax seeds, and chia seeds," she added.

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