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Successful Surgery of Acute Ectopic Pregnancy performed at Belonia Sub-divisional Hospital

The Maternity Department of Belonia Subdivisional Hospital in Tripura witnessed a life-saving surgical feat on Tuesday. Dr. Bikash Majumder, a gynaecologist, and Dr. Jaydeep Chowdhury, an anaesthetist of the Hospital, along with other medical staff collaborated seamlessly to perform a successful surgery on Rahena Begum, a pregnant woman who was in a critical condition.

Rahena Begum, hailing from Rangamura Gram Panchayat under Belonia Rajnagar block, arrived at the Subdivisional Hospital with alarming symptoms. The diagnosis revealed she was suffering from an acute ruptured ectopic pregnancy - a condition that poses a grave risk to both mother and child. Considering her critical condition, doctors referred her to the District Hospital for better treatment.

Despite the severity of her situation, Rahena’s family was reluctant to transfer her to the District Hospital because of their weak financial conditions. The relatives and patients urged the doctor to treat her at the Belonia Hospital instead of sending her to the District Hospital.

Dr. Bikash Majumder, the physician in charge, recognized the urgency of the situation. Without delay, he mobilized resources, securing two units of blood for the impending surgery. He led the medical team through the intricate procedure, ensuring Rahena’s safety.

Dr. Majumder skillfully addressed the ectopic pregnancy condition of the patient. The delicate operation of acute ectopic pregnancy required precision and expertise. As the minutes ticked by, the medical team worked in harmony, guided by their commitment to saving a life.  

Rahena Begum’s case exemplifies the importance of community healthcare catering to patients of semi-urban and rural areas.

Belonia Subdivisional Hospital, despite its limited resources, rose to the occasion. Dr. Majumder’s leadership and the collaborative efforts of the Maternity Department staff ensured a positive outcome. The hospital’s commitment to serving its local population played a pivotal role in Begum’s recovery. Also, the success will inspire other such hospitals.

As Rahena recuperates, the family members celebrate her survival. They expressed heartfelt gratitude to Dr Majumder and his team for saving life of Rahena.

Dr. Majumder said our duty is to heal, regardless of socio-economic status or geographical boundaries. He said, the patient is in stable condition.

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