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Sunil Chhetri: A Milestone Machine in Indian Football

Sunil Chhetri was born for milestones. Having played his first International in 2005, he has so far earned 149 international caps, 93 goals and 11 trophies for the nation.

The captain, leader, and legend, who is on the verge of entering an elite club of players who have represented their nation in 150 international matches, the-aiff.com caught up with the India no. 11 to look back on his glorious career.


Q: Tell us about your journey with the National Team so far.

Answer: When I started, it never occurred to me that I could play for the country one day. In fact, even a few days back, I was not aware that I was on the verge of such a record. When you pause and think about it, it’s an unbelievable feat. I’m very fortunate, extremely thankful, and highly privileged to be in this state.

I think I’m the only one to play 150 games for the country in India. I’m really fortunate that I got such an opportunity.

Q: When you were initially scouted in the Subroto Cup and the Delhi league, did you ever think that you’d come this far?

A: When I was playing the Subroto Cup in Delhi, I didn’t even think or dream that I would play for the country. The professional setup of playing for a club was too far. There wasn’t any bridge that directly connected your actions to your destination.

That is not the case now, as a kid playing in any club knows what he or she has to do to get to where they want. That was not the case in those days. And hence, I never dreamt of playing for the country.

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